Thank You from a friend

I have just  had feedback from a lovely lady, neighbour to a gentleman whose funeral I did recently.  She says:
We would just like to thank you so very much for the lovely service and tribute to our dear friend.  It has made the whole grieving easier for us and for the family.
Many thanks and kindest regards
He was a real character with an infectious laugh and a wonderful sense of humour.

First Funeral

Wonderful email from the Institute of Funeral Celebrants.  They send out a questionnaire to the families 6 weeks after the funeral and ask for feedback.  For my first funeral…….

Everything was conducted very efficiently and with great sympathy.  I would heartily recommend her to anyone.  Everything was first rate.  I could not ask for better.”

Thank you.


It is good to know I am offering a service that the families wanted and conducting it in the way they wanted as well.

Air Guitar at a Funeral

I have just come back from an amazing funeral.  The mother wanted her family to play “Air Guitar” to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody at the end of her funeral.  I turned the music up and wow, the whole congregation joined in for the whole song.  What a way to go!

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