Candle Lighting

Funeral Candle Lighting

“This candle is lit today to show our love and respect. It is lit in the knowledge that her light will always shine.”
Her granddaughter wrote to me:  

“The service Sarah conducted was truly memorable for all the right reasons. She spoke sincerely and sympathetically. Better than any expectations. She always seemed to be available for us and favourable comments were made by all attending. I would recommend her without hesitation.”

Beach Renewal of Vows



_DSC5792 (1)On one of the hottest days of the year, Naomi and Graham celebrated their Renewal of Vows  on Watergate Bay beach.  We walked across the golden sand to a quiet secluded area near the cliffs and, with their son, Devon, they spoke of their love and happiness to be able to share their lives together.

After exchanging new rings, they chose to include the tradition of hand-fasting into their ceremony. Hand-fasting is a ritual in which the couples’ hands are tied together as a symbol of their lives being joined together.

As Tara Statton, the photographer, walked down to the sea with Naomi and Graham, I helped Devon make hearts out of pebbles in the sand.

DSC_5732 (1)

A glorious ceremony for a very special couple.

More photos on Tara’s site!Naomi-and-Grahams-Vow-Renewal-Watergate-Bay/c1s8f/579f886c0cf214576ceda85e

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