Wedding in Yarner Woods

Christmas Eve in 2016 will be remembered in Joanna and Jeremy’s family as the day they all met for their usual walk in #YarnerWoods, Bovey Tracey and celebrated their wedding by the Bird Hide.

My husband Andy took these photographs of the ceremony and they tell a beautiful story, from the family decorating the hide, exchanging rings, sharing vows, signing the certificate and raising our glasses to the happy couple.

Once in a lifetime you find someone
Who touches not only your heart, 
but also your soul.
Once in a lifetime you discover someone 
who stands beside you, not over you.
You find someone who loves you for who you are, 
and not for who you could be.
Once in a lifetime, you find someone…
As you have found each other.

Congratulations to Joanna, Jeremy and their lovely family.

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