Flower Ceremonies – Wedding

Flower Ceremonies bring your family and friends together as they place a flower each into the vase.

“I would now like to ask everyone who is holding an orange rose to come forward and place them into this vase.  An Orange rose is a symbol of enthusiasm, desire and excitement and are the elements that they would like to bring to their marriage.  The roses are placed in the vase along with all of your hopes, best wishes and love for them both”.

You then place your flowers in the vase as a symbol of your unity with your new families.

Adoption and Naming Ceremony

One of the most exciting events in a family’s life is the arrival of a new baby or child, whether by birth, adoption or joining of families and many of us would like to celebrate this occasion in a memorable and special way.

As an alternative to a Christening, a Naming Ceremony brings your family and friends together to acknowledge and introduce your child’s chosen name and to publicly declare your commitment to nurture and care for your child. It is wonderful to be able to declare your hopes and aspirations for the child’s future in a truly personal ceremony.

It is also the perfect solution when the parents belong to different faiths. The ceremony can have no religious content or include something of each faith to represent the values of both parents.

One family write to me recently:

Thank you so much for your beautiful ceremony to welcome Sam into our lives.  We adopted him at two years old and wanted to celebrate the uniting of our families after a period of heartbreak.  You made the day very special, thank you.

Naming Ceremony for twins

I recently created and performed a Naming ceremony for gorgeous twins – one boy and one girl.

As they had held hands since they were born, I also performed a Hand Fasting ceremony using cords

Orange for good luck and good fortune, yellow for learning and knowledge and green for balance and peace.  All of these elements that their parents would like to bring to their children’s lives.

I received a beautiful thank you letter:

I just wanted to write to say thank you so much. The ceremony was so perfect and exactly what I had imagined. There were some lovely comments from the guests about the feel of the day, and the lovely words that made the naming really special. People even approved of the length!! 

Seriously though, you really made it feel very individual and spiritual, without feeling contrived or forced. I now have fantastic memories! Thank you so much!








Sandwell Manor for Ceremonies

I have just come back from meeting Kizzy at Sandwell Manor near Totnes.  What an amazing venue for all your celebrations!  We talked about Weddings, Namings, Renewal of Vows and even Funeral ceremonies. You and your family and friends can stay for the weekend or even enjoy your celebration for a week.  There is a Pavilion, large house and beautiful grounds – even a glorious tree for your hand fasting ceremony.  As they are also only 2 miles from my home they are definitely my favourite venue!

Perfect for groups of family or friends to relax and create lasting memories

Have a look at their website and contact them for more information.


600 Funerals!

After 7 years as an Independent Celebrant I have reached a milestone – 600 funerals.  I have felt privileged to have helped 600 families to have the ceremony they wanted for their loved ones.  I always spend time with families and, with gentle questioning, I find out their memories and what makes their loved one so special to them.  We also discuss music, poems and flowers and I encourage them to explore the options and to have a ceremony that reflects their loved one perfectly.

I look forward to meeting, and helping, more families in the future.

Nearly Weds?

I have just joined the website Nearly Weds for couples who are engaged or planning to get engaged.  The site offers good advice and creative ideas so that  their engagement and wedding ceremony is perfect for them.

You can search for categories from Accessories to Wedding Planners in any location and also a wide variety of Venues.  They even have a section to give you Inspiration on how to celebrate this important time of your lives.

Together we will create meaningful memories, which will bind you closer and give joy to all the special people on your special day.

Have a look: https://nearly-weds.co.uk/

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