Associate of the Guild of Cornish Celebrants

The Guild of Cornish Celebrants has been set up by Denise and Nicola to promote quality celebratory ceremonies which fully reflect the wishes and beliefs of the couples and families they work with. The aim of The Guild is to give an assurance of excellence – they are passionate about providing bespoke and unique ceremonies for any occasion. The hallmarks of a mediaeval ‘Guild’ were their professional ability and demonstrated accomplishment; they are redefining the ‘Guild’ concept for the 21st century, bringing a traditional quality standard to a new contemporary offering, ensuring ceremonies from the Guild always meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.

After a very successful meeting with Nicola and Denise from the Guild of Cornish Celebrants, I am pleased to announce that I am now an Associate of the Guild performing ceremonies in Devon for them.  I will continue to help you create and then conduct your unique and individual Ceremony where ever and whenever you wish.  I believe that your Ceremony is at the very heart of your day.

Together we will create meaningful memories, which will bind you closer and give joy to all the special people on your special day.

Wedding Ceremonies

Choosing a celebrant to deliver your wedding ceremony gives you a whole range of options that a registrar just can’t.  So….you can have your ceremony anywhere, not just licensed venues.  I have performed ceremonies in couples’ favourite places; beaches, woods, their own gardens, hotels, on boats, cliff tops.  I often recommend Middle Coombe Farm, Tiverton; The Barn, South Milton; Putsborough Beach in North Devon and Bovey Castle, Dartmoor.

Your ceremony can include: walking down an aisle, giving and blessing of rings, exchanging of vows, lighting of candles, poetry, even religious or spiritual words. Symbolic Rituals to unite you could include Rose Ceremony, Sand Ceremony, Hand Fasting and Jumping the Broom, often couples choose all of these!  I have even written Cocktail Rituals and Chocolate Ceremonies to make the wedding as personal and unique as you are.  Part of the fun is choosing which ones suit you the best! 



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Alternative ways to saying goodbye

As the rules surrounding Funerals change, you may be deciding that Direct Cremation is the best option to protect your family. But you may be thinking, if you cannot hug each other and hold hands, how can you grieve together? In these uncertain times, I have been working on a few alternative ways to truly celebrate the life of your loved ones. 

Creating a bespoke ceremony

Talking to you and your family about your loved one, I will create a ceremony that is a celebration of their unique life. It will reflect your (and their) wishes, beliefs and values and can include spiritual content and prayer. To listen and create your bespoke ceremony, we can talk by phone, email and online communication tools such as Skype or Zoom.

You then have a choice of a Virtual Ceremony now or, when this pandemic is over and we emerge out the other side, you can then get together to hold a Celebration of Life, Memorial or Scattering of Ashes Ceremony.

Virtual Ceremony

Once I have written your ceremony, we arrange a time and date to perform the ceremony virtually, this could even be 9pm so that relatives in Australia can be included! You all then join the Virtual Ceremony using your preferred device; smartphone, tablet or computer, or you can listen to the ceremony through an ordinary landline.

You may like to create a special space around you for the ceremony; put up photographs and light candles. To make it personal, you might want to dress in their favourite colours or play some of their favourite music while you’re waiting for the ceremony to begin.

Although a traditional wake or reception will not be held afterwards, you could make and eat a special meal or cake, or raise a glass in their memory. Even when the formal ceremony ends, you could reconnect virtually and continue to share your memories.

Celebration of Life

If you opt for a Celebration of Life or Memorial Ceremony, I’ll create your ceremony now and we’ll stay connected to agree a date in the future when you can all get together. These ceremonies have no time constraints and can be held anywhere that is important to you. Ideas include sunrise on a beach, an afternoon tea on a river boat or a lavish evening celebration in a favourite hotel.

Nearer the time, I can update the ceremony with more of your memories but for now you could start collecting items to celebrate their life. Why not create a Memory Table to display their achievements and hobbies, in fact, anything they were proud of. You could organise a slide show or video of their life accompanied by their favourite music. If it is “Rocking All Over the World” wouldn’t that be great! 

Scattering of Ashes

You may wish to hold a Scattering of Ashes Ceremony together in the future. I will write your ceremony now and you can take your time to select the right spot. Mine would definitely involve a field of bluebells but you choose the perfect place to gather together and remember your loved one.

There are many ideas to make your ceremony more personal, you can send their ashes up in a firework, plant them under their favourite tree or even send their ashes off in a Viking Boat. All these ideas are possible!

Continue to connect

While we are all in lock down, continue to reach out and connect virtually to share memories of your loved one; their stories, their adventures and even their terrible jokes. 

There appears to be a growing demand for different types of ceremony which allow family and friends to come together and celebrate the life of a loved one in this challenging times. And the feedback from my families has been excellent, expressing heartfelt thanks for a ceremony that they believe their loved one would have wanted in these extraordinary times.

The Future of Funeral Ceremonies

As the rules surrounding Funerals change, you may be deciding that Direct cremation is the best option to protect your family.  But how do you celebrate the life of your loved one if you cannot hug, hold hands and grieve together?  When this pandemic is over and we emerge on the other side, then you can get together, hold meaningful ceremonies and give thanks that you were a part of their lives.

Ceremonies can then have no time constraints and can be held anywhere that is important to you.  Sunrise on a beach, a lunch time river boat trip, afternoon tea in a cliff top café, a lavish evening celebration in a hotel, sunset on Hay Tor, Dartmoor, in fact anywhere you choose.

For now, collect items for a Memory Table to display their achievements and hobbies, in fact, anything they were proud of.  Organise a slide show or video of their life accompanied by their favourite music.  If it is Rocking All Over the World wouldn’t that be great!  Share memories, stories and their jokes and make this Memorial a celebration of your loved ones life.

You can hold a Scattering of Ashes ceremony in their favourite place, mine would definitely involve a field of bluebells. Send their ashes up in a firework, plant them under their favourite tree, send the ashes off in a Viking Boat, all possible.

I will help you to create a ceremony that is a Celebration of your loved one’s life. My role is to offer bereaved families a Memorial ceremony that reflects the wishes, beliefs and values of the deceased and their family.  I can also include prayers, hymns and spiritual content.

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Dragonfly Symbolism

How can we answer the many questions young children have about death? Looking for a meaningful way to explain to neighbourhood children the death of a five year old friend, Doris Stickney adapted the graceful fable about the waterbug that changed into a dragonfly.

Doris Stickney’s Water Bugs and Dragonflies offers a child’s perspective on what the nymphs think and talk about under water when they see others disappearing up the plant stems.

It’s a great place to start discussion on the concepts of death, transformation and the soul. It’s a beautiful story, perfectly pitched for young children during the stressful, trying times around bereavement.

It is why I chose the dragonfly as my logo as it symbolises change and transformation.

Funeral Wishes

Remember your life, memories can fade no matter how hard you try to hold on to them.  Record your memories down while they’re vivid.  Write them down, video them or make an audio recording to share with the family.  It makes the Eulogy at your funeral much easier for your family!

Decide how you would like to be remembered:

Build a library

Buy a village, goat or a well

Plant a tree, or bulbs that come up every year

Name a star

Adopt an animal

Fund a scholarship

Start a charity

Record a song.

Talk to me and I will help you create Funeral Wishes for you to tell your loved ones what YOU want to happen when you die. 

Remember death is the destination we all share.

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