Funeral Wishes

Planning your own funeral or memorial ceremony can provide peace-of-mind to you and your family. By planning your ceremony in advance you can design and specify the exact type of ceremony you’d like, so that your friends and family celebrate you as you wish and they’ll have clarity about your final wishes during a difficult emotional time.  The more time spent planning a funeral, the more memorable the occasion will be. Share your views and advice…everyone’s funeral should be as special as their lives.

I will guide you through all your options and then create a Funeral Wishes document for you to give to your Next of Kin.  This can include place of ceremony, music, letters, photographs, poems, where you would like any ashes scattered and even special requests to personalise your Funeral Wishes.

Life Goes On

I want fireworks at my funeral

To brighten up your eyes

I want clowns at my funeral

To return all your smiles

I want dancing at my funeral

To help you move along

I want a party at my funeral

Filled with your happy throng

So, party, party, party

And cheer my spirit with song

As my last wish is you celebrate

That life goes on

Michael Ashby

Please contact me on 07870763304 for more details.

The Celebrant Accord

I have been a Celebrant since 2012 and I am so pleased to be able to adopt The Funeral Celebrant Accord so that all my families know that I always offer the best service.

The Funeral Celebrant Accord

The Funeral Celebrant Accord defines the attributes and skills required of an excellent funeral celebrant and is intended to set the standards by which all celebrants offering funeral services should be measured.

The role of a funeral celebrant is to serve the bereaved and their community by creating and leading a personal, accurate and respectful funeral ceremony.

Their work should clearly reflect the life, values and beliefs of the person who has died, acknowledge and give time to their community of family and friends, and create an environment in which the grieving process can be held and supported.

An excellent funeral celebrant:

1. Is professional

2. Cares for their clients

3. Is calm and shows natural leadership

4. Writes personalised ceremonies

5. Cares about their self-development


I have been privileged to meet 500 families over the last 5 years and been able to help them tell their loved ones stories.  Some were surprising, especially to the friends and family, some were sad, some were a celebration but all of them moved me in so many ways.

Thank you for asking me to be a part of the Celebration of their lives.

Living Ceremonies

When someone is born we celebrate their entrance into our world and our lives.  We feast and celebrate when a child is born.  We celebrate each year that passes with birthday parties, marking the annual ceremony of when someone’s life began.  Why should the end of life be any different, why focus on the negative aspect of a person leaving us when we should look back and celebrate all that they have accomplished?

Living Celebrations are becoming popular, often organised by hospices to increase the quality of life for the dying patient and to give support to the family.

They are also being organised by individuals who want to be present, and indeed to be the centre of attention, at the last celebration of their lives.  

They want to enjoy their own funeral and the opportunity it gives them to see for the last time their friends, relatives, former colleagues, neighbours, team mates and those whose lives have touched theirs.

It is a time to honour and appreciate the living.  Contact me on 07870763304 for more information.

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