Family Blessing

On a beautiful day in August I was excited to perform a Naming and Blessing ceremony for the Gould family near Exeter.  It was even more special as the ceremony had been postponed many times due to Covid 19.

Michelle and Richard had asked me to write a ceremony to name their three children and also to celebrate and bless their family in front of their guests.

Each child lit a candle as a symbol of their unity with each other.  The candles will be re-lit on their birthday each year as a reminder of the celebration.

As their guests made their promises to the children, they came forward to place their roses into a vase symbolising their love and support for this wonderful family.

Michelle and Richard had chosen four Fairy Godparents to also care and support the children.

Will you promise to be an ear to listen, a voice to advise and a pair of arms that will always have a hug waiting when it’s needed and sometimes when it’s not?

They also witnessed Michelle and Richard signing the Certificate.


It was fitting that music from the Disney film, Moana, was chosen – You’re Welcome!

After the ceremony we all made our way outside to blow bubbles and raise our glasses to Team Gould!

Naming – Adoption

Adoption is another word for love – Remember Superman was adopted!

We’ve Adopted You

We didn’t give you the gift of life, but in our hearts we know

The love we feel is as deep and real as if it had been so.

For us to have each other is like a dream come true.

No – we didn’t give you the gift of life, life gave us the gift of you


Naming – Grandparents Promises

Grandparents bring wisdom, love and support to your family.  Ask them to make their own promises to your child

You inherited a thousand generations of wisdom, skill, poetry, song,

All the sunrises and sunsets of knowledge past.

You are the sum of all the people who went before you.

Naming – Write your wishes

Ask your guests to write wishes for your children on the paper bunting and, as part of the ceremony, string the bunting on the wall.  Keep them in a Memory Box for your children to read when they are older.

Naming – Parents promises

Parents can make solemn promises to care for their child as they grow up.  Write your heartfelt promises yourself to make the ceremony personal and extra special.

Naming – Special People

Supporting Adults, Guardians, Fairy Godparents bring so much to family life and can teach your children life skills.  Ask the special people in your life to make their own promises.

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