Thank you for Everything

I received this lovely message on my Facebook page recently:

Sarah has been there for my family on two occasions now. She guided us and supported us through the funeral ceremony for our Father in  and again recently, when we lost our beloved Mum in the thick of the 2020 lockdown crisis!

Sarah is calming and thoughtful. She knows the local Funeral Directors well and they work seamlessly together to guide you through the fog and fear of losing someone.

Thank you Sarah, for everything!

Thank you!

Laughing Gran

I was privileged to perform the funeral ceremony recently of a lady I had known for a few years.  She was always smiling with a twinkle in her eye!

As we were only allowed to have 10 people in the chapel, her ceremony was live-streamed to family and friends around the world.

There was lots of smiling – and tears – and her family agreed it was a beautiful celebration of her life.  One of her granddaughters had brought along this amazing tribute to their Laughing Gran!

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