Naomi and Graham 9th Anniversary

I have been privileged to be a part of Naomi and Graham’s journey together as they first asked me to lead their renewal of vows ceremony seven years ago.  Since then, we have celebrated on the beach at Watergate in Cornwall and here in their garden but, sadly, their plans to celebrate their 8th anniversary in 2020 was cancelled due to Covid 19.

But the year that Naomi and Graham chose to have their ceremony in Venice stands out in my mind.  I was fortunate to be part of their team, travelling together to Italy.  The Water Taxi journey into Venice from the mainland was memorable for us all, there is nothing more glamorous than gliding along the Grand Canal in an open-top water taxi, slowly taking in the beautiful views.  Their ceremony in St Marks Square was intimate and moving and, even though we were surrounded by history and the beautiful, iconic architecture, it was obvious that Naomi and Graham were in their own personal bubble and had eyes only for each other.

I was honoured to be asked again to write and perform the Renewal of Vows ceremony for Naomi and Graham’s 9th wedding anniversary reaffirming that their marriage has grown and means more to them than ever before and they will grow even closer in the future.

As they exchanged their rings and made their Vows to each other, I said these words:

Hold hands a moment longer and cherish this very special moment in your lives. You are holding the hands of your lover, comforter and best friend. They are the hands that will reach for yours in times of joy and sadness. Although it is your hands that touch, it is your hearts that will hold you together for all time.

After the ceremony we celebrated with a hog roast and gorgeous sundaes served from an ice cream van.  The perfect celebration for Naomi, Graham and their son Devon.


Renewal of Vows – Venice

I was privileged to be asked to perform a Renewal of Vows Ceremony in Venice for Naomi and Graham.  Naomi Thomas is the founder of The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation, an organisation launched in 2012 with a single purpose- organising and funding weddings for terminally ill people across the UK.


Renewal of Vows Ceremony

A beautiful Renewal of Vows ceremony is perfect for couples of all ages whether they have been married for 5 or 50 years.  A wonderful way to show how much you love each other.

Renewal of Vows – Hotel Ceremony

Choosing a hotel for your ceremony can be the perfect solution when family and friends are travelling from afar and need a place to stay.  Many hotels also offer delicious Afternoon Tea – with Champagne!

Renewal of Vows – Garden Ceremony

Having your ceremony in your own garden makes it personal and special as you are surrounded by your family and friends in your own space.

Renewal of Vows – Woodland Ceremony

woodland wedding is a magical experience. It’s like a little haven, a hidden place that can be transformed into a very pretty natural wedding ceremony location. There’s something very special about being surround by the trees, singing birds and woodland flowers as you make your vows and promises to each other.

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