Earth Vessels for Ashes

Earth Vessels are unique handmade urns which hold the ashes of departed loved ones. They are called “Earth Vessels” to reflect the holding of our earthly body and our return to nature when we die. The act of deeply remembering someone and thinking about the colours, materials, landscapes they would have loved in order to create a custom made urn can be very healing to grief. Poems, photographs and dedications can be used too. Find Beth’s website here:

Natural Burial Site

We are fortunate in Devon to have a beautiful Natural Burial Site near Aveton Gifford, Kingsbridge.

I have performed many Funeral ceremonies there and highly recommend it.  It is a peaceful place that offers a truly beautiful alternative to a traditional cemetery.  Families can choose to bury their loved ones or scatter their ashes within the peaceful grounds.  The only accompaniment you need is birdsong and the breeze through the trees.

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