Same Sex Weddings

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A Same Sex Ceremony is an important way of couples of the same gender to publicly declare their love and commitment to one another.  Your ceremony can include: walking down an aisle, giving and blessing of rings, exchanging of vows, lighting of candles, poetry, even religious or spiritual words. Symbolic Rituals to unite you could include Rose Ceremony, Sand Ceremony, Hand Fasting and Jumping the Broom, often couples choose all of these!  I have even written Cocktail Rituals and Chocolate Ceremonies to make the wedding as personal and unique as you are.  Part of the fun is choosing which ones suit you the best! 

Your ceremony can be held anywhere at anytime. Sunrise on a beach, a lunch time river boat trip, afternoon tea in a cliff top café, a lavish evening celebration in a ballroom, Sunset on Hay Tor, Dartmoor, in fact anywhere you choose.  I have performed ceremonies in couples’ favourite places or even where you got engaged, including in Piazza San Marco in Venice, so I have vast experience with different venues and ceremonies.

I believe that your Ceremony is at the very heart of your day.  As a professional celebrant I will lead you through the whole process, and the day you dreamt about will become a reality!

From this day forward
You shall not walk alone.
My heart will be your shelter,
And my arms will be your home.


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