Naming Ceremonies in Devon and the South West

Naming Ceremonies – One of the most exciting events in a family’s life is the arrival of a new baby or child, whether by birth, adoption or joining of families and many of us would like to celebrate this occasion in a memorable and special way.

As an alternative to a Christening, a Naming Ceremony brings your family and friends together to acknowledge and introduce your child’s chosen name and to publicly declare your commitment to nurture and care for your child. It is wonderful to be able to declare your hopes and aspirations for the child’s future in a truly personal ceremony.

It is also the perfect solution when the parents belong to different faiths. The Naming Ceremony can have no religious content or include something of each faith to represent the values of both parents.

When children come into our lives, they bring a world of joys
Laughter and discoveries, kisses, hugs and toys
Each new day brings new surprises, special wonders to explore
When children come into our lives our world is new once more.

Family and friends have a vital role to play too. Older siblings, Supporting Adults/Godparents, grandparents, even Fairy Godparents, etc. can make vows and promises to the child in front of everyone.

I believe that your Naming Ceremony is at the very heart of your day.  Symbolic actions could include planting a tree, burying a time capsule, balloon releasing, lighting candles and writing promises to the child on labels and attaching to a tree.

Take with you into your future all my love.
All the things we’ll see together,
All the music we’ll hear,
All the people we’ll meet and love,
All the secrets, all the giggling,
And all the mischief we will make.

I approached Sarah Chapman after needing a private celebrant for my daughters Naming do. Sarah helped me by reassuring me on the phone that it was something she could and would love to do. We met up and discussed the plans, Sarah is kind, dedicated and just over all a lovely lady. The result was amazing! We had a beautiful day with our friends and family and Sarah kept it all together perfectly!! I found Sarah to be so helpful and I would without a doubt recommend her to anyone, thanks again Sarah”

Ruth and Dave

Sarah was fantastic in helping us to make our daughter’s Naming ceremony a really special and personal event. She met with us beforehand to discuss ideas and pull the ceremony together, then provided clear direction and a sense of formality on the day. Many of our guests commented on how much they enjoyed the event and we were very grateful to Sarah for achieving this. – Thank you from the Walker family,

We were so pleased to have Sarah as the Celebrant for our son’s Naming Day.  Sarah was friendly and professional all the way through, helping us to understand the role of a celebrant, develop our plans for the Naming Day and gave us lots of useful ideas for us to work with.  We were able to make the day really personal and just as we wanted.

Sarah was also our Knight in Shining Armour and saved the day when our helium balloons went flat on the morning of the ceremony.  Sarah rushed out to buy us some more, even though it was a Sunday, so that we could end the ceremony just as we planned.

I couldn’t recommend Sarah highly enough as a Celebrant, she made our special day really special!”

Megan and Nick

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