Celebrations of Life

There are many Rites of Passage in our lives, such as Birthdays, Engagements, Coming of Age and other Special Anniversaries.  Celebrate each event with a personalised ceremony, which will reflect your ideas and wishes and be memorable for years to come.



I also offer Celebration of Life ceremonies for  individuals who want to be present, and indeed to be the centre of attention, at the last celebration of their lives.  It is a time to honour and appreciate the living when they are near the end of their lives through age or illness. They want to enjoy their own funeral and the opportunity it gives them to see for the last time their friends, relatives, former colleagues, neighbours, team mates and those whose lives have touched theirs.

As a professional Celebrant I meet with you and your family and, over a cup of tea, find out exactly what you want and how you would like to celebrate your life.  We discuss ideas and then I create a ceremony perfect for you and all those people you love.

I have performed ceremonies in many places; beaches, woods, their own gardens, hotels, on boats, cliff tops or even where you got engaged, including in Piazza San Marco in Venice, so I have vast experience with different venues and ceremonies.

An anniversary is a time to celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday and the hopes of tomorrow


We had never heard of a ‘celebrant’ until this occasion, and were so grateful that the funeral directors recommended Sarah. Sarah gave our terminally ill mum a fabulous celebration of her life, for which we are truly grateful. It was warm, sincere and full of our mum’s unique character. Mum loved it. Most people commented on how ‘lovely’ it was. We can’t thank Sarah enough, she was sensitive,  efficient and just great.

Ann and Mark


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