Sand Ceremony Wedding

Sara brought sand from Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia where she spent a lot of her time before moving to England.

Jon brought sand from Teignmouth, Devon and is where Jonathan and Sara’s new life in England began.

As the two containers of sand poured into the vase, the separate colours of sand blend into a new colour. Sara and Jon have now blended their families into a new family, as they start their journey in marriage, loving and strong as husband and wife, as inseparable as these grains of sand.

This is just a quick email to say a massive THANK YOU for celebrating our wedding renewal last Saturday. It was a truly beautiful ceremony and one that we will remember with as much fondness as our Australia one. Our guests continue to comment on how lovely it was and how much they enjoyed being a part of it.

Sara & Jonathan Dunn 14th January 2017

Sara and Jonathan exchanged rings

Adventures of a Celebrant in Venice – Part 6

By this time Naomi and Graham were in their own personal bubble and the world was just their own.  I loved my special role of being their ring bearer and watched as Naomi and Graham exchanged their rings and made their vows to each other

The rings you gave each other years ago are a symbol of the promises which you made.  As an endless circle of precious metal, as you each now re-affirm the giving of a ring, may it symbolise that your love for each other will be precious and never ending.

As you celebrate five years of marriage, I ask you Graham, if you renew your promise to love Naomi, to cherish and respect her, comfort and encourage her, and be faithful to her till the end of your days? 

Graham: I do

I ask you Naomi, if you renew your promise to love Graham, to cherish and respect him, comfort and encourage him, and be faithful to him till the end of your days? 

Naomi: I do

Tara Statton Photography

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Adventures of a Celebrant in Venice – Part 5

I felt so moved as I handed Naomi her chosen poem printed on handmade flower paper and, with sighs from the onlookers, she read to Graham:


Today…I look into your eyes

The one with whom I can share everything

My deepest hopes and heart filled dreams

Inner fears and sheltered insecurities

My most warming joys and overwhelming triumphs

All future journeys that I have left to encounter

This, and more, I know I can share with you…………………



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Adventures of a Celebrant in Venice – Part 4

Eventually we arrived in the Piazza and, surrounded by surprised and delighted passersby, the ceremony began, drawing inspiration from this wonderful location.

A fifth wedding anniversary is associated traditionally with wood.  Venice was built on wooden structures which has supported this beautiful city for centuries. Wood certainly lasts and can be shaped into many forms, just like your marriage.”

“Be glad your love was planted together; went through the storms together; created a life together and like any strong piece of wood keep riding the waves and never sink.  You have reached half a decade in love with your partner and you have proven you are just like the traditional wood material, able to stand the test of time and grow stronger with age.”

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Adventures of a Celebrant in Venice – Part 3


By 4pm Tracy, our Hair and Makeup Artist had worked her special magic.

With Tara using every opportunity to take photos, we boarded the Water Bus and motored to Piazza San Marco.

As a Celebrant I am ready whenever and where ever I am needed so I played a supporting role as Tara managed her photo shoot with professionalism and calmness in this beautiful, bustling arena.  Tracy made sure that Naomi’s hair and make up was perfect, paying extra attention to the smallest detail and, as you can see, the results were amazing.

Tara Statton Photography

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