Ellie and Joe’s Wedding

Ellie and Joe wrote:  I just wanted to say thank you for everything you did you make our ceremony so perfect

It was a glorious day as we celebrated Ellie and Joe’s wedding in Ellie’s parents garden.  We watched the bride and her father following her Bridesmaids and Flower Girl as they walked from the house to the field to meet her handsome groom.

What is a Marriage?  

What is a marriage? 

It’s loving and cherishing, hopefully relishing

Its hosting and toasting and Sunday roasting

Its having and holding, the odd little scolding

It’s guessing, confessing and nightly undressing

It’s trying, relying, a little white lying

It’s snoring, adoring, occasionally boring

It’s knowing and showing and mutually growing

It’s compliment giving and always forgiving

It’s sharing and caring and dressing gown wearing

It’s walking, its talking and bottle uncorking

It’s tender supporting and raucous cavorting

It’s secret confiding and shoulder providing

It’s readily praising and often amazing

It’s loving, respecting and calmly accepting

It’s cleaning, its mopping, its waltzing and bopping

Its needing, conceding and possibly breeding

It’s playing and paying, its coping and staying

It’s comfort when weeping, a warm body sleeping

It’s lives interweaving and always believing

That’s what makes a marriage.


Their hand fasting cord was made of three strands with their beautiful dog Luna’s fur woven into the white ribbon;

White– Wholeness, completion and inspiration

Green – Growth, prosperity and balance

Blue – Understanding, patience and loyalty

They walked back down the aisle as their guests cheered and threw lavender and rose petals!


Milky Way Wedding 7 – Thank You

Today, I received a beautiful Thank you card from Jo and Monique which was amazing.

Thank you so very, very much for making our day so incredibly special.  The ceremony was beautiful, we loved it, as did family and friends who are still raving about it. You were fabulous! THANK YOU

Jo and Monique




Milky Way Wedding 6 – Cheers and Cake

Jo and Monique planned their gorgeous Wedding Celebration at The Milky Way near Clovelly, North Devon.

After their Ceremony, Jo and Monique walked down the aisle together as everyone stood and cheered!  Their guests made an arch for them to walk through as Savage Garden was sung by Yazzy.

Their glorious cake was made by their friend Graham – lemon drizzle and carrot cake, chosen by Jo and Monique after a lengthy tasting session.  I had created and performed Graham and Sue’s Wedding Ceremony 18 months before and it was so wonderful to see them again!

Jo and Monique’s wedding was full of laughter, tears and so much love and I felt privileged to be asked to create such an amazing ceremony and to be a part of their celebrations.  They continued to celebrate into the evening as we all had a turn on the Dodgems as part of  The Milky Way Adventure Park.

Congratulations Jo and Monique!!

May you live as long as you want and never want as long as you live

Milky Way Wedding 5 – Cocktail Ritual

Jo and Monique planned their gorgeous Wedding Celebration at The Milky Way near Clovelly, North Devon.

Jo and Monique also LOVE Cocktails so, of course, I wrote a Cocktail Ceremony just for them!

Everyone clapped as their Wedding Planner and best friend Charlotte pushed the Cocktail trolly down the aisle accompanied to Yazzy playing Havana.

Each ingredient had a special meaning to the couple including the Grenadine, a sweet syrup made from pomegranates, to represent knowledge, learning and wisdom.  After much laughter they drank their new cocktail The Saunton Sunrise which represented living the dream in North Devon and having such wonderful and loving family and friends.

Milky Way Wedding 4 – Wine Box Ritual

Jo and Monique planned their gorgeous Wedding Celebration at The Milky Way near Clovelly, North Devon.

As Jo and Monique love their wine, they chose a Wine Box Ritual to celebrate their Wedding.

Each wine matures until it is ready.  It waits patiently until that perfect moment when it is finally right to be savoured and shared

On the anniversary of your wedding it is important to remember the love you feel today and the commitments you will make.  By drinking this wine together each year you will renew your vows and express your love.

They placed their Hand Fasting cords and Vows in the box.

Monique and Jo told me that they will add beads every year to their Hand Fasting cords for the new breaks they have surfed.  Every year they will read their vows to each other again – just a reminder!!

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