Renewal of Vows – Sand Ceremony

Each of you comes to this relationship with unique strengths, vulnerabilities, and histories. When the two of you are blended together, you form something even more amazing.

As the two containers of sand are poured into the vase, the separate colours of sand now blend into a new colour. You continue your journey in  marriage, loving and strong as husband and wife, as inseparable as these grains of sand.

Renewal of Vows – Flower Ceremony

Each flower has a different meaning: to give a dark pink rose symbolises thankfulness whereas to give a red Camellia shows your loved one that they are a flame in your heart!

Renewal of Vows – Blessing of Rings

You can give each other new rings or I can bless your original rings – the choice is yours.

Renewal of Vows – Celebrate your journey

Throughout your journey together you have made new friends, increased your family and have so many stories to tell.  A Renewal of Vows ceremony celebrates all you have been through together.

Renewal of Vows – Hope for the future

Your Renewal of Vows Ceremony celebrates all you have been through together and brings hope for the future.

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