Naming – Write your wishes

Ask your guests to write wishes for your children on the paper bunting and, as part of the ceremony, string the bunting on the wall.  Keep them in a Memory Box for your children to read when they are older.

Naming – Parents promises

Parents can make solemn promises to care for their child as they grow up.  Write your heartfelt promises yourself to make the ceremony personal and extra special.

Naming – Special People

Supporting Adults, Guardians, Fairy Godparents bring so much to family life and can teach your children life skills.  Ask the special people in your life to make their own promises.

Naming – Family promises

It is important to include brothers and sisters in the Naming Ceremony.  They can read a poem and make promises.

The little girl who chatters away

The little girl who has lots to say

I give you my promise that I’ll always care

As your big brother I’ll always be there

Naming – Grandparents promises

Your child’s grandparents will  be particularly important people in their lives and would love to be asked to declare the promises they have chosen to make.

We wish you a childhood full of fun and games

And we wish you memories that have little pain.

We wish you to learn by making mistakes.

We wish you to love and never to hate.

But the one thing above and beyond all of this

Is the love that is felt by your ‘grandparents wish’

Diane Smith

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