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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Powderham Castle Wedding Show

A beautiful location on a warm, sunny day in October for Miss Ivy Wedding Showcase.  I was privileged to be the compere for the Fashion Show and introduce all the stunning outfits from Truly Delightful in Totnes and Rock the Frock in Plymouth.  The models looked gorgeous and the audience loved it!


Natural Burial Site

We are fortunate in Devon to have a beautiful Natural Burial Site near Aveton Gifford, Kingsbridge.

I have performed many Funeral ceremonies there and highly recommend it.  It is a peaceful place that offers a truly beautiful alternative to a traditional cemetery.  Families can choose to bury their loved ones or scatter their ashes within the peaceful grounds.  The only accompaniment you need is birdsong and the breeze through the trees.

Contact me for more details 07870763304


Isobel and Chris Flamingo Wedding in Cornwall

Flamingos and Sunshine – Isobel and Chris celebrated their wedding on the farm in Cornwall with a candle ceremony, flower ceremony and exchange of rings.

Thank you so much Sarah for conducting our personal, poignant and most beautiful ceremony.  Many of our guests had never been to a Celebrant ceremony before and they commented on how it was one of the most  special and unique wedding ceremonies they had ever been too.

Thank you also for your advice for when we had writers block for our vows and keeping Chris calm on the day!
With best wishes
Izzy and Chris x

Happiness and best wishes to our gorgeous couple.

Absolute Beginners

I’ve nothing much to offer

There’s nothing much to take

I’m an absolute beginner

And I’m absolutely sane

As long as we’re together

The rest can go to hell……

……….I absolutely love you

But we’re absolute beginners

But if my love is your love

We’re certain to succeed

David Bowie

Photograph taken by Tracey Warbey


Funeral Flowers and Memories 8

Donate to Home and Hospitals

Hospitals, hospice centres, nursing homes and other facilities will often accept the donated flowers from the funeral service, which can bring brightness and fragrance and uplifting feelings to patients and staff there.  My mother’s Care Home loves receiving beautiful flowers, always ask first.

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