One of the most exciting events in a family’s life is the arrival of a new baby or child, whether by birth, adoption or joining of families and many of us would like to celebrate this occasion in a memorable and special way.

As an alternative to a Christening, a Naming Ceremony brings your family and friends together to acknowledge and introduce your child’s chosen name and to publicly declare your commitment to nurture and care for your child. It is wonderful to be able to declare your hopes and aspirations for the child’s future in a truly personal ceremony.

It is also the perfect solution when the parents belong to different faiths. The ceremony can have no religious content or include something of each faith to represent the values of both parents.

One family write to me recently:

Thank you so much for your beautiful ceremony to welcome Sam into our lives.  We adopted him at two years old and wanted to celebrate the uniting of our families after a period of heartbreak.  You made the day very special, thank you.