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Monthly Archives: September 2020

Louise and Chris Renewal of Vows Ceremony

A beautiful Renewal of Vows ceremony is perfect for couples of all ages whether they have been married for 5 or 50 years.

Love is kind, understanding but never demanding

Love is constant, prevailing, it’s strength never failing

A promise once spoken for all time unbroken

Love’s time is forever


Flowers are important to Chris and Louise and they chose Lily of the Valley for their ceremony.  Apart from being one of Lou’s favourite flowers, Lily of the Valley is the May birth flower and it is said to mean “Return of Happiness”  It is also said that to hand Lily of the Valley to your loved one shows that your relationship is finally complete.  A beautiful ceremony for a very special couple – and their gorgeous dogs, Izzy and Dexter – at Endsleigh House Hotel near Tavistock, Devon.

Callington Gospel Choir are an excellent choir and sung Lovely Day for their Entrance Music and closed the ceremony with Happy Day.  Best Wishes and much love to the happy couple.

Lou and Chris wrote:

Thank you for making our day so special. It was a wonderful romantic ceremony and we were so happy with the words. All our guests commented on how lovely it was. I would highly recommend Sarah for your special days.


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Tamsin and Alex Renewal of Vows – Woodland Ceremony

woodland wedding is a magical experience. It’s like a little haven, a hidden place that can be transformed into a very pretty natural wedding ceremony location. There’s something very special about being surrounded by the trees, singing birds and woodland flowers as you make your vows and promises to each other.

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Renewal of Vows – Chocolate Ceremony

Throughout your lives together you have had times that are like chocolate. At times you have experienced the dark and bitter-sweet side of life, like the darkest of chocolates. And at times you have experienced the sweeter side of life  On the table in front of you, you have a selection of chocolate, some dark and bitter and some light and sweet.

I now ask you both to swap their chocolates and by sharing these chocolates together today they acknowledge this fact and move forward into their marriage prepared to deal whatever life brings, together.


Renewal of Vows – Beach Ceremony

Spending time by the sea is good for the soul, invite your guests to your favourite beach and, after the ceremony, join hands and paddle!

I have performed many ceremonies on beaches and it is important to find a quiet spot away from other people.

Set up camp and create the perfect ceremony space with shells, balloons, windbreaks and chairs.

Celebrate with a Sand Ceremony, Cocktail Ceremony and even a Chocolate Ceremony.  Exchange rings and say your Vows to each other.

Most importantly you can do all of this barefoot!


Renewal of Vows – Cocktail Ceremony

Create a Cocktail with your favourite ingredients and, together, make the Cocktail for you and all your guests to share.

There is one measure of London Dry Gin to symbolise where they first met

Elderflower is added to show their shared love of the great outdoors

Somerset Apple juice to represent where they live now and the symbol of peace

Lemon Juice because “When life gives you lemons, make cocktails with them”

Prosecco to add the Fizz of excitement that will always be present in their marriage

Shake together in a Cocktail Shaker and pour into two glasses.

They have named their new cocktail “Apple of My Eye” as they will always cherish each other through their long life together.


Renewal of Vows – Candle Ceremony

With your Renewal of Vows, the lamp of your love has been formally lit.  Keep it warm and bright with mutual concern.  Replenish the source of its light with daily care, with gentleness and respect.  Take it with you your lives ahead.  Do not let it flicker or grow dim through they coming years.  Nurture it, foster it, rejoice in it. Make it a truly creative source, not only for yourselves, but for everyone around you.


Renewal of Vows – Hand Fasting

Hand-fasting is a ritual in which the couples’ hands are tied together as a symbol of their lives being joined together.

The ties of this hand-fasting are not just formed by the ribbon or even by the knots connecting them.

They are formed instead by your vows, by your pledge, your souls and your two hearts,  bound together as one.

As your hands are now bound together, so your lives are joined in a union of love and trust.

The knots of this binding symbolise the vows you will make.

Like the stars, your love should be a constant source of light, and like the earth, a firm foundation from which to grow.


Renewal of Vows – Music

Music is the most emotive part of any ceremony.  When we meet we will talk about the music that is so important to you both and we can weave it into your unique ceremony.  You can choose live music, recorded or even birdsong!  For one wedding, the couple ended  with a fiddle player and an Irish Jig.  All the guests were on their feet clapping and dancing as they walked back down the aisle.  It is important for many couples to have the music they first danced to and for one couple, they entered the space to 2001 Space Odyssey.  Whatever you choose is right!




Renewal of Vows – Sand Ceremony

Each of you comes to this relationship with unique strengths, vulnerabilities, and histories. When the two of you are blended together, you form something even more amazing.

As the two containers of sand are poured into the vase, the separate colours of sand now blend into a new colour. You continue your journey in  marriage, loving and strong as husband and wife, as inseparable as these grains of sand.


Renewal of Vows – Flower Ceremony

Each flower has a different meaning: to give a dark pink rose symbolises thankfulness whereas to give a red Camellia shows your loved one that they are a flame in your heart!

The flowers are symbols of the love the guests have for you both and are placed in the vase along with all of their hopes, best wishes and love for you.

You both now place your single flowers into this bouquet as a symbol of your unity with your new families.

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