Naming – Grandparents promises

Your child’s grandparents will  be particularly important people in their lives and would love to be asked to declare the promises they have chosen to make.

We wish you a childhood full of fun and games

And we wish you memories that have little pain.

We wish you to learn by making mistakes.

We wish you to love and never to hate.

But the one thing above and beyond all of this

Is the love that is felt by your ‘grandparents wish’

Diane Smith

Naming – Godparents

An old African saying states ‘It takes a whole village to raise a child’. In our complex world, even the most loving and capable parents benefit from help in raising their children.  Family and friends make such a difference to your child, you can also call them Supporting Adults or even Fairy Godparents!

Naming – Blowing Bubbles

William – happy little spirit. Smiling child, we wish you joy and health and strength and love and peace, on this your special naming day.

Naming – Circle of Support

Please would you all come and stand around Daniel and his parents and link arms to form a circle.  Just as your hands have been linked to form a chain, so each of you will be a link in the future of this family.  As you now surround them, let this be a symbol that you are surrounding them with your love and care.

Tree Planting Ceremony – Naming

The Laurel that we will be planting today is symbolic of the new life we are celebrating, It’s growth represents Zoe’s’s development into adulthood and it will remind us all of the commitment we have made today.

Flower Ceremony to welcome your Baby

I would now like to ask everyone who is holding a flower to come forward and place them into this vase.  These roses are symbols of the love you have for Sophie.  The flowers are placed in the vase along with all of your hopes, best wishes and love for her.

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