Woodland Wedding

Phil owns a wood near Linkinhorne, Cornwall and asked me to perform a wedding ceremony there to celebrate 18 years of being together with his beloved Shari.

At this point on their journey together they wanted to take this time, in this beautiful place with family and friends, to acknowledge and celebrate the journey so far and also to look ahead.

Their guests collected flowers and leaves from the woodland and I asked them all to come forward and place them in the wooden platter (made by Phil) as a symbol of their unity.

The Circle of Blessing Ceremony had two ribbons, one was green for growth, healing, home and peace. The other ribbon was brown for stability, protection of the household and to strengthen their relationship.  Their family rings were passed around the circle for their family and friends to bless.

Phil and Shari exchanged rings and I performed a Hand Fasting ceremony to seal their love.

“Shari and Phil, look to all your tomorrows with sustained hope and a strong commitment to your marriage.  May those of you who have witnessed this ceremony continue to support them, honour and respect their relationship and wish them joy in their future.”

We drank a toast to the happy couple out of wooden goblets lovingly made by Phil from trees in his wood.

Thanks again for helping to make our day very individual and special.

We were very happy – even in the rain!

Shari and Phil

For more information about Ceremonies in this wonderful Woodland contact:

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Adventures of a Celebrant – Finale

I felt privileged to perform the Renewal of Vows ceremony in Venice for Naomi and Graham.

I have created and performed ceremonies in so many different locations over the years; in woodland, beaches, cliff tops, hotels, gardens, parks, and even in your home.

I offer Weddings, Hand Fasting, Same Sex Weddings, Renewal of Vows

Rites of Passage such as Birthdays, Engagements, Coming of Age and other Special Anniversaries.

Alternative Christenings/Naming ceremonies for babies and children including joining families together, Stepfamilies and Adoption

Funerals focussing on celebrating and/or reflecting the life of your loved one

Celebration of Life ceremonies as a time to honour and appreciate the living who may be near the end of their lives

All my ceremonies are bespoke and together we will create meaningful memories, which will bind you closer and give joy to all the special people on your special day.

Contact me for more information

Wedding in Yarner Woods

Christmas Eve in 2016 will be remembered in Joanna and Jeremy’s family as the day they all met for their usual walk in #YarnerWoods, Bovey Tracey and celebrated their wedding by the Bird Hide.

My husband Andy took these photographs of the ceremony and they tell a beautiful story, from the family decorating the hide, exchanging rings, sharing vows, signing the certificate and raising our glasses to the happy couple.

Once in a lifetime you find someone
Who touches not only your heart, 
but also your soul.
Once in a lifetime you discover someone 
who stands beside you, not over you.
You find someone who loves you for who you are, 
and not for who you could be.
Once in a lifetime, you find someone…
As you have found each other.

Congratulations to Joanna, Jeremy and their lovely family.

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Hand Fasting at Middle Coombe Farm

Selena and Mark celebrated their wedding by the Oak Tree at Middle Coombe Farm near Tiverton.

After the legal ceremony in the barn, a fiddler led the happy couple followed by all their guests up to the Oak Tree for a special ceremony to bind their family together.

Selena had made the Hand Fasting cord from five ribbons so symbolise the five members of their new family and two of their children tied the knot – baby Sam was too little but gurgled happily!

Selena Aylett wrote:

“I must say a HUGE thank you for your ceremony. People described it as “magical”. So many people loved it and they all said you were great. Thanks for making it so special.”

May the blessing of each of us be felt by you.

Go now to walk the ways of the world together, and may your days be good and long upon the earth.

DSC_6185 DSC_6180 DSC_6179 DSC_6222 DSC_6224 DSC_6348


The wedding of Alex and Tamsin at Middle Coombe Farm was glorious!  They led their guests through the woods up to the clearing after their marriage ceremony in the barn.  In keeping with the setting they had chosen a Wildflower Ceremony which brought their families together followed by Hand Fasting.

Their hand-fasting cord was made from three strands; blue for peace and tranquility, trust and harmony, Green for health and good luck and silver for wealth and intuition.

All qualities that will be brought to their relationship and will stay with them always.

Photos by Emma Stoner www.emmastonerweddings.com

Photos by Emma Stoner www.emmastonerweddings.com

Photos by Emma Stoner www.emmastonerweddings.com

Photos by Emma Stoner www.emmastonerweddings.com

Photos by Emma Stoner www.emmastonerweddings.com

Photos by Emma Stoner www.emmastonerweddings.com

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