The ceremonies I perform are all different and I was so pleased to be contacted by Keishu from Japan who was the interpreter for her friends Jin and Noriko.  They wanted to have a wonderful English wedding over here with all their families and friends and chose The Rectory in Malmesbury as their venue.  Many emails flew across the sea and we eventually met on the day for the rehearsal at 9am.  By this time I felt I knew them well and finally meeting them was lovely.

The Ceremony started at 2pm with a gong for the entrance of the bridegroom, Jin in full traditional Japanese dress.  Noriko then walked down the aisle with her proud father.  She was  wearing  a beautiful white wedding dress and looked beautiful.


They chose a Rose Ceremony to show the joining of their families, repeated vows that they had learnt in English, lit a candle then, after signing the register and Jin kissing his bride, they emerged into the cold autumn air and released balloons with wildflower seeds inside.

I was so proud to have been part of their day.