By this time Naomi and Graham were in their own personal bubble and the world was just their own.  I loved my special role of being their ring bearer and watched as Naomi and Graham exchanged their rings and made their vows to each other

The rings you gave each other years ago are a symbol of the promises which you made.  As an endless circle of precious metal, as you each now re-affirm the giving of a ring, may it symbolise that your love for each other will be precious and never ending.

As you celebrate five years of marriage, I ask you Graham, if you renew your promise to love Naomi, to cherish and respect her, comfort and encourage her, and be faithful to her till the end of your days? 

Graham: I do

I ask you Naomi, if you renew your promise to love Graham, to cherish and respect him, comfort and encourage him, and be faithful to him till the end of your days? 

Naomi: I do

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