Whether you have been together for one year, 35 years or even 75 years!  A Renewal or Vows ceremony reaffirms that your relationship has grown and means more to you than ever before and you will grow even closer in the future.   

A marriage can be tough but is cherishing and forgiving, settling for less than perfection, and compromising over the daily irritations in order to become stronger over time.  

A husband and wife can have conversations without saying a single word and they fall in love many times……always with the same person.

Your ceremony can include: walking down an aisle, giving and blessing of rings, exchanging of vows, lighting of candles, poetry, even religious or spiritual words. Symbolic Rituals to unite you could include Rose Ceremony, Sand Ceremony, Hand Fasting and Jumping the Broom, often coupes choose all of these!  I have even written Cocktail Rituals and Chocolate Ceremonies to make the wedding as personal and unique as you are.  Part of the fun is choosing which ones suit you the best!