The situation with COVID19 means that funeral numbers are, sadly, still heavily restricted.  It is heartbreaking talking to families who have lost loved ones but cannot say a proper goodbye because of social distancing restrictions at the crematoriums or burial sites.  Grieving relatives have found it difficult not to hug one another – or even attend the service, with numbers still limited.

There is another way that we can all pay our respects and that is by lining the streets as the funeral procession passes. I am seeing more people coming out on to the street, they bow their heads, they clap for the deceased, bringing comfort to the relatives.

A funeral procession can also pause awhile outside your loved ones home for family, neighbours and friends, who cannot be at the ceremony, to say their farewells.  The journey may then pass personal landmarks that were of significance to the loved one. One family asked the funeral director to drive past all the local pubs as friends raised a glass of real ale to show their respect. 

In this new era of social distancing there are still many ways of showing we care.