Every ceremony is unique and personal, and music can be crucial in setting the tone and feel. Music can bring people together in emotionally distressing times and also give pointers back to the past, drawing on family traditions that have been laid down and maintained over the years. Hymns and religious music are sometimes chosen for this reason and it is always moving to see family and friends stand and sing a favourite hymn together.


Songs that have the most impact are often those that were favourites of the deceased because the lyrics and style reflected their life, loves and achievements.

Music can also celebrate special events in their lives such as a first dance song or music chosen for their son’s wedding. The music that you choose can be purely instrumental or with lyrics; it may be a live performance or pre-recorded. If your loved one enjoyed walking on the moors, maybe you could listen to a recording of birdsong?


To find out about your loved one’s taste in music, begin by talking to family and

friends and looking at their CD or record collection.


There could be a professional singer who will perform the music that has special meaning for your family, from sacred music and favourite hymns to popular songs. Everyone can sing together – maybe a song that strongly resonates with the loved one’s life and legacy and, ideally, is familiar to the majority of those present.

Bring Me Sunshine – Morecambe and Wise is a very popular song. The lyrics can be printed in the order of service so that everyone can follow the words as they sing together.

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