It was a packed Crematorium for the service of a well loved and popular lady and we continued the celebration with Afternoon Tea at a hotel afterwards.  Memory tables were full of her art and craft work, her family created a slideshow of her photographs backed by her favourite music and we sipped sherry and drank tea and coffee as her friends and family shared stories and memories of her and what she meant to everyone there.

I just want to thank you for all that you did to help us through the arrangements for my sisters’s funeral and for your part in the day.

We were all very impressed with the way you steered us through the service at the crematorium and the celebration afterwards at the hotel with such sensitivity and unobtrusiveness.

We felt that you had taken pains to ‘get to know’ her and that came across in what you said about her.  So many people said that the service was wonderful and very sensitively done and everyone seemed to get a lot from hearing all the tributes from people who knew her is so many different ways.

So very many thanks in helping us through a very painful time.