As they both loved their garden, they would bring back plants and pebbles back from their trips and he would place them in the garden for them to admire and reminisce about their holidays.

There was always so much laughter as they scrambled over beaches collecting the chosen stones.

They both regarded this time as their “Happy laughter years”.

So many memories and so much laughter.

His partner wrote these words:

From the beginning to the end I could not have wished for it better. Sarah even took me up the few steps to place a flower on the coffin and then she helped me back again.  The celebrant was very good right to the end and I have told so many people how good it all was that, when my time of leaving this world, I told my son that I want the same celebrant, Sarah, to do my funeral.

Ksenia U7 Iycwtk7o Unsplash