I am so pleased when I receive Thank you Cards from families so I know that I have done even a small amount to ease their suffering. It is also important that the family receive a copy of the ceremony for them to keep and look over whenever they wish.  I received cards from three families recently and have them displayed on my table at home.

I just wanted to say an official thank you for taking the time to meet my Mum, my niece, and myself, and also for the wonderful service you gave in memory of my sister.

Your words were beautiful and comforting, and it is nice to reflect back and read what you said.

Although I thanked you at the service, I just wanted to take the time now, as you took such great care of us before the day, and on the  morning that I felt I needed to thank you again for all you have done

Insung Yoon Baluakbnsg4 Unsplash